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Hi I’m Lisa,
having always held a deep desire to help others I fulfill this calling through my dedicated
work as a therapist and teacher. I am a sensitive and intuitive therapist and was initiated as
a Reiki Master, Practitioner and Teacher in 1997. As well as Reiki I am a qualified 
practitioner in several therapies including Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping),
Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Crystal Therapy and have an interest in all areas of

self-development. I have developed my practice in healing and complementary therapies over
25 years.
I enjoy empowering clients to recognise their own innate healing abilities and to take back
their personal power. Sharing techniques and strategies to develop resilience, helping to
overcome or manage illness/disease and all of life’s adversities. Being a naturally empathic
healer I create a safe non- judgmental space for clients to explore their mental,
emotional and physical issues so they may move forward on their life path.
I have experience of working with a wide spectrum of issues ranging from emotional pain,
anxiety and depression, grief, phobias, insomnia, cancer, IBS, CFS, chronic pain and disease.
Working with my clients to help them accept whatever they are experiencing and where
possible empowering them to recognise where they can make positive changes to facilitate
healing mentally, emotionally and physically.
Over the years I have recognised the great need for spiritual nourishment as an imperative
part of health and wellbeing and as well as teaching Reiki I lead spiritual self-development
circles, classes and workshops.

I am the creator and teacher of my own empowering and transformative courses which include:

The Transformative Magic of Self Love
The Joyful Journey and Living a Juicy Life (both Law of Attraction based courses)
Light up your life with Angels (Connecting and Working with Angels)
Help from the Higher Realms (Working with Spirit Guides and Allies from the non-physical
Understanding Healing Energy
The Chakras
The Aura
Connecting and working with Animal Spirit guides
Spiritual Self- Development Circles

I am also honoured to be a facilitator and the EFT tapping practitioner for Fighting Fit the Fairytale Way, a wonderful online programme for women who are experiencing food (particularly sugar) addiction and body confidence issues.

I would love to hear from you if you would like to work with me to begin your healing
journey or to start or further your spiritual self- development.


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