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Flower Blossoms

Spiritually Speaking Discovery Sessions

These psychospiritual sessions have been formulated by me and are unique to my practice.

During a Spiritually Speaking Discovery Session we will chat to determine what issues you would like to work on.

Combining my years of experience with the knowledge and expertise in the therapies I practice
I’ve created this style of work. Tailored to the individual it can be a mixture of Talking Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping, Reiki Energy Healing, Matrix Imprinting, Crystal Therapy, Guided Visualisation/Meditation,
Oracle Card Reading and Law of Attraction Work.

A Discovery Session can be invaluable if you are feeling stuck or struggling in any area of your life,
physically, mentally, or emotionally. The space created by these sessions is perfect for getting clarity
on your journey forward and moving through difficult times where navigating emotions can feel

They are supportive and re-balancing in times of turmoil and can help you refocus in times when you are lacking direction. Like pressing a reset button these hour long meetings can put you back on your pathway feeling clearer and more in control.
Each discussion is intuitively led with the intention of facilitating healing and identifying any areas of resistance to reaching your souls full potential.

These are powerful and transformative sessions of therapy intended to help you reach a greater understanding of yourself and your purpose.

This therapy can be undertaken in person or online via zoom.

£45 per hour 

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